Gujar Khan


Malik Bilal Bashir in collaboration with BSM Developers is developing New Metro City Gujar Khan to give investment opportunities with an easier payment plan, master plan, installment plan, and location. You can book your plot with Tajir International.

New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan


New Metro City Gujar Khan is an upcoming project of BSM developers after the successful development of New Metro City Kharian. The developers have a great portfolio in the Real Estate industry now moving forward to provide another profitable opportunity soon to be known as New Metro City Gujrat in District Rawalpindi.

The newly upcoming project will be providing almost the same amenities and facilities as earlier mentioned in New Metro City Kharian.

BSM developers reintroducing a more vibrant and refined form of New City Gujar Khan n proximity of Gujrat Territory at affordable 

New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan

prices. Development of this project has reserved a large area for development of this project. Most probably this project would offer Parks, refreshment spots, family zones, and kids’ play areas. Moreover, New Metro City Gujar Khan will have a serene boundary wall under an automatic security system and TV surveillance.

Salient Features New Metro City Gujar Khan

Developers & Owners

Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Metro City Kharian is leading this new project. BSM developers are making hundreds of people’s dreams true in a convenient place connecting many majors together.

CEO and owner of BSM developer name Malik Bilal Bashir is closely examining and ensuring the project design, layout plan, and master plan, and soon will monitor the development. BSM developers are well-known real estate developers contributing to the industry with a team of experts.

Malik Bilal Bashir, grandson of Malik Riaz is successfully initiating the 3rd project in Gujjar Khan. Before this project, BSM developers delivered Gwadar Golf City and New Metro City Kharian.

Malik Bilal Bashir

New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan

Mr. Malik Bilal Bashir stepped out from the luxury and comfortable life and took the initiative to continue to tradition of his family. Although the tradition and experience are already embedded in his DNA, his innovative ideas, market analysis, and having an eye for detailed observation greatly contribute to the real estate industry.

He is determined the provide shelter to every class of society and make a quick boost in the real estate industry.

Zaroon Masood

New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan

Indeed, success can’t be achieved without a dedicated team and a loyal partner. Mr. Zaroon Masood is the Executive Director of New Metro City Gujar Khan struggling together with Malik Bilal Bashir to make his dream true.

Zaroon Masood says
The future is ours to direct, and the key objective is to strategize, engage and execute

No Object Certificate (NOC)

As for the developer’s consistency with a great portfolio, they are one of the most developers in the real estate industry. Meanwhile, all the required documents are submitted to the concerned authorities however, the legal formalities are in process. New Metro City Gujar Khan is going to be an NOC-approved project.

Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA) is looking into the submitted documents and the legal policies. It’s expected that TMA will soon approve this project.


The project is in Tehsil Gujar Khan District Rawalpindi at the main Grand Trunk (GT) road. New Metro City Gujar Khan is located 3 km from Gujar Khan while moving to Lahore. Several accessibility routes of this prime location make it more worthy. It can be easily accessed from the following routes:

Accessibility points

Master Plan

One of the rumors and myths about this project was its land acquisition of 16,000 Kanal. However, the total dedicated land for this project is over 30,000 Kanal. Furthermore, the final layout plan and master plan of this project will be uploaded on Tajir International’s official website.

The expected plot sizes/ plots cutting in this project are described below:

Residential plots

Commercial Plots

Payment Plans Gallery:

The Payment plan of this upcoming project is for sure affordable and available with an easy installment plan. The expected payment plan is mentioned below:

New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan
New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan

Facilities & Amenities

CCTV coverage gated community and surveillance system

Al-Kabir town Islamabad is dedicated to the safety of its residents and visitors, and a professionally trained security force will keep an eye on them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CCTV cameras will be put throughout the housing society to ensure a secure environment in which you can relax and live a stress-free life.

Recreational & Sporting Activities

In Al-Kabir town, Islamabad, a multifunctional sports and cultural complex will be built to entertain and develop society’s diversity of cultures as well as extracurricular activities.


There will also be heated and freshwater pools available to residents. Members will be able to choose from a variety of calming and therapeutic treatments at these beautiful spas and pools.

Disposal of Sewage Water

Modern sewerage treatment facilities will be established across society to ensure a sanitary and environmentally sustainable waste disposal system. One of the most important characteristics of a self-sufficient and sustainable civilization like al-Kabir town is its ability to provide clean water to its citizens.

Road Infrastructure of High Quality

The society has already started working on infrastructure, with the first phase involving the creation of a large network of carpeted roadways connecting all of the society’s sections. These roadways will include concrete walkways and sidewalks for walkers and cyclists and will be 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet wide.

Commercial Hub, School and College

The society will emerge as one of the region’s major business hubs, with boundless commercial opportunities, as the CPEC route nears completion. This fantastic community’s master plan includes cutting-edge, modern commercial avenues as well as high-quality educational institutions in all sectors of society for people’s convenience.

Health Care Center

Because health is the most important issue in any society, the Al-Kabir town master plan includes a fully working 40-bed hospital. This cutting-edge new health facility will be outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and tools to assist patients as well as respond to any societal calamity.

New Metro City Gujar Khan, Gujar Khan