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Blue World City is all set to introduce an all-embracing “Sports Valley” in the World’s first purpose-built tourist city with an aim to promote sports tourism in Pakistan. There will be more than 25 recreational parks with dedicated courts for futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and tennis. Moreover, the Sports Valley will be adorned with open-air gymnasiums, bowling alleys, cycling tracks, and hiking trails.

, Sports Valley


The Sports Valley Block in Blue World City was created and developed in a way that will provide both residents and visitors with a variety of sports facilities. Residents will experience first-class sporting events within the community like never before.
The project is the ideal location to encourage a healthy atmosphere for Pakistani sports and tourism. A stadium specifically designed
for cricket will also be constructed, with a massive capacity of 55,000 spectators. Apartments and commercial spaces will surround this top-notch cricket stadium for both residents and guests. Additionally, eco-friendly leisure parks, futsal courts, volleyball, badminton,

basketball, tennis, a gym, a bowling alley, cycling tracks, and hiking trails will be available in the Blue World City Sports Valley Block.

Location of Sports Valley:

Sports Valley Block BWC Islamabad is situated at the busiest intersection, making it one of the most sought-after destinations in Blue City. Sports Valley Block Location map provides insight into the magnificence of this housing venture. Every block in Blue World City is positioned perfectly to aesthetically enhance the beauty of the whole landscape. Sports Valley Location Map is carefully designed by the developers and an international team of designers and architects.

, Sports Valley

A Glimpse of Sports Valley

Payment Plan

Below is the payment plan of  Sports Valley:

, Sports Valley
, Sports Valley
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